Surprising Support for the Current “Happy Hour” Law!

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  As a follow up to our previous post, many prominent restaurant owners voiced support for the current “Happy Hour” law that prohibits drink specials.  Read the following Boston Herald article by Donna Goodison as well as a BostInno post from Dave Eisenberg for the response from the 4th planned public ABCC hearing to discuss […]

The ABCC wants to know what you think about “happy hour!”

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The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission is coming to you to discuss the controversial Massachusetts “happy hour” law that has been in effect for 28 years.  Find out about local hearings and what restaurateurs and professional trade organizations think about the pros and cons of updating the bill and the threat of area casinos. Read the […]

Sales Growth in the Restaurant Industry

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The National Restaurant Association key indicators suggest that the restaurant industry continues to “pull the wagon” on the nation’s economic recovery. Read more in the report about the National Restaurant Industry’s Performance Index    

Time to Sell?

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  When a restaurant has past its prime in the restaurant lifecycle, the worst thing that you can do is hope that things are going to get better. Hope is not a strategy! Read more in the follow open forum article by Barry Moltz: