Massachusetts ABCC Regulations and Decisions


The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission’s website spells out the mission of the ABCC and what it is authorized to do. …to promulgate regulations clarifying, carrying out, enforcing and preventing any violation of the provisions of M.G.L. c. 138…These regulations (such as “Happy Hour” and “Tap a Keg”)  control the method by which a business […]

Facebook Enters the Wine Business

wine sold on Facebook

Social media giant Facebook has entered the wine selling business.  The wine sales are part of Facebook’s new gift store, which the company has been rolling out since the fall of last year.  When a consumer places an order in the gift store, the recipient receives an email or a notice on their Facebook wall.  […]

Control Over Liquor License Fees in Massachusetts

dining room with liquor license

The Wellesley Townsman details in a recent article how much the different types of liquor licenses in Wellesley cost per year.  For example, restaurants with an all alcohol license must pay a $3600 annual fee, restaurants with a function room and all alcohol license must pay $5,000 each year, restaurants with a beer and wine […]

Regulations on Complimentary Drinks at Hotel Check-In

complimentary champagne

The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission expressed in its frequently asked questions section (#47) of its website that “a bar, restaurant or hotel cannot offer any free drinks.  However, a bar, restaurant, or hotel can include a drink as part of a meal package under certain circumstances.” The “certain circumstances” section of this regulation was […]

Massachusetts Regulations that Affect Liquor License Holders


Massachusetts liquor regulations require that the local licensing authorities be notified in a timely fashion of any changes to the name on a restaurant, bar, club, or hotel’s liquor license.  The license holders are also required to petition the board immediately and appear before the local licensing board.   This hearing gives the local licensing authority […]

The Important Role of the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission’s Investigation and Enforcement Division

colorful drinks

The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission’s Investigation and Enforcement Division plays an important role in the agency’s enforcement of the liquor laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The division is charged with preventing the sale or delivery of alcoholic beverages to underage individuals, preventing the sale or delivery of alcoholic beverages to intoxicated individuals and […]

Boston Bars Cited for Not Serving Food

Bar food and drinks

Universal Hub reports that the Boston Licensing Board is getting tough with bars with food-serving permits (common victuals licenses) that are not currently serving food.  In some cases the bars have not been serving food for years. At January hearings, bar owners and managers owned up and said they’d stopped serving food because their patrons […]

The Controversy of Drinking Games in Bars

Water Pong Cups

The Boston Herald reports on the case of a Boston bar that was penalized by the Boston Licensing Board earlier this year for the presence of a drinking game called water pong at the establishment.   The bar was also cited for the presence of underage drinking.   The Herald article refers to a 2009 Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages […]

Later Public Transit Service Could Help Restaurants and Bars

T and bus at night

The Boston Herald reports that state transportation officials have indicated that later public transit service could be in the works if lawmakers find a way to help raise all of the money needed for    system maintenance and other service improvements.  The Herald reports that an extra hour of service could be possible on Fridays and […]

MIT Develops Ice Cubes that Track Alcohol Consumption

Alcoholic Beverage with Ice Cubes

BostInno reports on new invention from the MIT Media lab that helps track the effects of alcohol on consumers.  The invention is electronic ice cubes that glow different colors depending on the amount of alcohol consumed by the drinker at a bar.  The ice cubes can also alert a friend via a text message that […]