Cambridge may raise some liquor license fees

Cambridge may raise some liquor license fees

Cambridge may raise some liquor license fees reports on a proposed liquor fee hike in Cambridge that has some restaurants in the city upset.  The proposed changes would double the annual fees of Cambridge’s “no value” liquor licenses, which the city issued to stimulate restaurant development in areas of the city like Kendal Square.  […]

Tampering with alcoholic beverages

Tampering with Alcoholic Beverages

Massachusetts General Law 101: Tampering with alcoholic beverages Section 16 of the Massachusetts Liquor Control Act (Massachusetts General Law Chapter 138) deals with the tampering with and dilution of alcoholic beverages in Massachusetts by liquor license holders.  The text of the law reads as follows. Any person holding a license under section twelve, thirteen, fourteen […]

Innovative Straws and Cups to Detect Date Rape Drugs

straws and cups to detect date rape drugs

Bostonian invents straws and cups to detect date rape drugs WGBH News reports on a Boston man’s invention of a straws and cups that are able to detect date-rape drugs in drinks.  Currently working out of the MassChallenge office space in Boston’s Innovation District, Michael Abramson’s idea, now a company called DrinkSavvy, came after he […]

Revere Extending Closing Time for Restaurants and Bars

Revere extending closing to 2 am

Revere extending closing time for restaurants and bars The Revere Journal reports that the Revere License Commission voted last week to extend the city’s closing time from 1am to 2am.  In 2007, the same commission, but with two different members, had voted to roll back the closing time from 2am with the change first effective […]

Proposed Bill Allows Bars and Liquor Stores to Sue Underage Buyers

Proposed Bill to Sue Underage Buyers of Alcohol

In Wisconsin, a proposed bill allows bars and liquor stores to sue underage buyers A bill working its way through the Wisconsin Legislature would allow bars and other alcohol purveyors to sue underage drinkers reports the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.  The proposed bill, which passed a committee vote unanimously in April, allows bars and liquor stores […]

Sobriety Checkpoint Laws around the country

Sobriety checkpoints around the country

Sobriety checkpoint laws around the country Most states in the country conduct sobriety checkpoints on their roads throughout the year.  According to data from the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, 38 states, including Massachusetts, plus Washington, D.C, the US Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands conduct field sobriety tests annually.   The frequency and timing varies […]

Economic Impact of Hangovers

economic impact of hangovers

Economic Cost of Hangovers BostInno reports on the economic impact of hangovers.  BostInno cites an article in The Atlantic which pegs the cost of excessive drinking at $1.90 in lost economic productivity per each drink consumed.  That is more than $220 billion per year (from figures in a 2006 Centers for Disease Control study). The […]

Charging Bars for Police Response

Bars charged for police response

Town could begin charging bars for police response Shore News Today reports on special provisions that Cape May, New Jersey recently attached to its approval of the liquor licenses for several establishments in the town.   The regulations require that bars have a specific amount of bouncers on weeknights and weekend nights during the summer months […]

Cancellation of liquor license after business closes

preparing to close your business

Cancellation of Liquor License after business closes Section  77 of Chapter 138 (Massachusetts Alcohol Laws) of the Massachusetts General Law gives cities and towns the right to revoke liquor licenses of establishments after they cease operation.  The text of the law is as follows: The licensing authorities may, after hearing or reasonable opportunity therefor, cancel […]

Dry Towns in Massachusetts

Dry Towns in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) reports on its website that there are eight “dry” towns in the state.  These “dry” communities do not allow the sale of alcohol in liquor stores or in bars/restaurants.  These towns have no issued liquor licenses, though it is still legal to consume alcohol in a private residence.  […]