Fake IDs: Both Sides of Technology


Fake IDs on college campuses are nothing new. It’s an ongoing struggle between students procuring fake IDs to buy alcohol or gain access to bars and clubs, and bar and club owners being extra vigilant to spot fake IDs to protect their liquor licenses. Fake IDs are big business. In August 2013, a Clarke County, […]

Affordable Care Act Enrollment Notification


Despite all of the confusion and back-and-forth political posturing with threats to defund Obamacare, like it or not, open enrollment begins Oct. 1… unless Congress moves to delay yet another portion of the controversial Affordable Care Act. Regardless, as a restaurant or bar owner, pay attention and comply with current requirements despite the moving target […]

E-Cigarettes: Smokeless or Not?


After years of being relegated to the outdoors for an after-dinner smoke, restaurant-goers are lighting up at the table again… or are they? E-cigarettes are becoming more mainstream, and with that, are creating issues for restaurants and workplaces across the country. Electronic Cigarettes The electronic cigarette or e-cigarettes are a type of electronic nicotine delivery […]

Automatic Tipping and the IRS: Impact on Restaurants

Restaurant Tipping in 2014Restaurant Tipping in 2014

Automatic tipping tends to be a hot-button item but is making the news now because of a change in the tax code. The IRS will change the classification of automatic tips to service charges and treat them as regular wages which would be subject to payroll withholding tax starting in the new year. Previously, these […]

US Postal Service Seeks to Deliver Alcohol

US Postals Servie Seeks to Deliver Alcohol

US Postal Service Alcohol Delivery Could Raise Much Needed Revenue but is Criticized by Some The United States Postal Service seeks to deliver alcohol reports The Huffington Post.  The Postmaster General, Patrick Donahue, estimates that such a move could bring in as much as $50 million in revenue to the agency.  This is all while […]