Vodka Popularity Growing

vodka popularity growing

The national drink of Russia is now leading in the U.S. as well. Vodka popularity is growing. In fact, vodka is now the most popular spirit in America. Ten of the top 24 spirits brands in the U.S. are vodkas, according to Bernstein Research and reported by CNBC. More surprising? The top five slots on […]

Beer Sales Rising


Fall means football, Octoberfest and, subsequently, beer. The good news for brewers: Beer sales are rising again. The economic downturn and a movement by the Millennials away from beer toward wine and other spirits caused beer sales to lag. However, according to USA Today’s “Beer sales starting to foam up,” the industry’s downward trend has […]

Restaurant Reaction after the Shutdown

Govt. shutdown led to more drinking, less eating

Breathe a sigh of relief – the federal government is open for business again. The restaurant reaction after the shutdown brings relief… to some degree. Delaware North and Xanterra are both rejoicing. Those names may not ring a bell, but they are both concessionaires in some of the nation’s most popular national parks, including Yosemite, […]

Bars and Restaurants near Fenway

Fenway Park Bars

Fenway Bar & Restaurant Guide Boston Red Sox fans will find plenty of bars and restaurants near Fenway Park. If you want to raise a glass before or after the game because baseball and beer go together so well, but find beer prices at Fenway to be unreasonable, there are plenty of other choices around […]

Boston Baseball and Beer

baseball and beer

Americana is often defined as apple pie and baseball, but don’t overlook the pairing of baseball and beer. And in Boston, it doesn’t get any better than toasting the Red Sox in the World Series with a beer. America’s favorite pastime and beer grew together with the ongoing expansion of the United States. The origin […]

Common Restaurant Employee Fraud


Restaurant employee fraud and theft occur in several ways. Don’t think that the only ways fraud and theft occur is by stealing from the till or eating food without paying for it. There are a number of ways employee theft can occur in your restaurant or bar that may not have occurred to you. Refunds: […]

Coffee Cocktails Gaining in Popularity

hot coco

Certainly there are wine snobs, beer snobs, and coffee snobs. Put them together and witness a growth in coffee cocktails. Irish coffee (with Irish whiskey) or Mexican coffee (substitute Kahlua® or a similar coffee liqueur for the whiskey) simply don’t cut it any longer. Patrons are looking for more creative coffee cocktails and not simply […]

Increase in Section 15 Liquor Licenses in Massachusetts

ABCC screen capture

State law went into effect that increases the number of Section 15 liquor licenses (off premise/retail) licenses that one individual or business may own. The increase went from three licenses to five with steps in place to raise that maximum in 2016 and again in 2020. Section 15 Liquor License Regulations Under Massachusetts Alcohol Beverages […]

Walmart Selling More Beer


When you think of Walmart, you probably don’t think of beer… at least up until this point. However, according to Bloomberg, the mega retailer is moving aggressively to grab its share of a U.S. industry worth $45 billion, and Walmart is selling more beer. In fact, the retailer revealed at a September 2012 “adult beverage […]

Government Shutdown Effect on Restaurants


Effects of the government shutdown have been in all the headlines, and the restaurant industry is not immune. The government shutdown effect on restaurants reaches far beyond Washington D.C. and has even forced some restaurants to close. Of course, with the closure of national parks across the country, famed restaurants inside the parks, including the […]