Conservative Approach to Alcohol Sales

Conservative Approach to Alcohol Sales

The 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibited the sale of alcohol, and the 22nd Amendment repealed the 18th and sent alcohol regulation back to the state level. With that came a myriad of varying laws and regulations, with some states taking a very conservative approach to alcohol sales. Indiana may lead the way with […]

Sunday Alcohol Sales (Part 2)

Sunday Alcohol Sales

Earlier this week, we began looking at states’ blue laws and their impact on the ability (or inability) to purchase off-premise alcohol on a Sunday. (See Sunday Alcohol Sales, Part 1.) The argument made in the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) legislative initiative is that Sunday alcohol sales provide customer convenience since […]

Sunday Alcohol Sales (Part 1)

Sunday Alcohol Sales

Reserving Sunday as a day of rest and religious observance has been part of the country’s legislative history dating back to the colonial era. Prohibition of Sunday alcohol sales led the list of blue laws. Blue laws, sometimes referred to as Sunday closing laws, prohibit certain commercial activities on Sundays. The Puritans had enacted laws […]

Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Restaurant Loyalty Program

You certainly can’t control the economy nor the projected erosion of the middle class (see Middle Class Erosion Effect on Restaurants), but you can work to boost traffic in your establishment with a restaurant loyalty program. From air miles to hotel stays to grocery points redeemable for cents off a gallon of gas, loyalty programs […]

Creating a Restaurant Business Plan

Creating a Restaurant Business Plan

Whether you are thinking about launching a new restaurant or have been in business for years, having a business plan for your establishment just makes good sense. We covered some advice from industry leaders in Restaurant Start-Up Tips for those new to the industry, but every restaurateur or pub owner can benefit from a business […]

Middle Class Erosion Effect on Restaurants

Middle Class Erosion Effect on Restaurants

It seems the state of the middle class is always in the news, with both sides of the political aisle pointing fingers as to who’s to blame for middle class economic struggles. No matter which party you blame, there is growing concern about the middle class erosion effect on restaurants and pubs. Despite what either […]

Restaurant Start-up Tips

tips to open a restaurant

There is no shortage of people who dream of owning their own restaurant. In fact, cites that 46 percent of restaurant employees would like to own their own restaurant at some point. There is no shortage of advice, but here are some of the top restaurant start-up tips from some of the top chefs […]

Inclement Weather Effect on Restaurants

inclement weather impact on restuarants

From a cycle of snow storms across the country, even affecting the Deep South, to the “polar vortex” temperatures in January, inclement weather has a negative effect on restaurants. In fact, it’s so negative that some restaurant, bakery, and coffee shop owners have reported sales cut in half, according to the Associated Press article, “Biting […]

Capture Valentine’s Dining Out Crowd

valentines day restaurant traffic

Valentine’s Day is one of the prime days on any restaurateur’s calendar, and there are ways you can capture the Valentine’s dining out crowd and increase traffic in your establishment. Plus, this year the romantic holiday falls on a Friday, improving dining out odds even more. According to National Restaurant Association (NRA), this holiday is […]

Fast Casual Restaurants Leading the Industry

fast casual restaurants lead industry

The growth of fast casual restaurants is leading the industry. That’s one of the key trends to watch in 2014 (2014 Restaurant Trends). Fast casual includes those establishments that don’t offer full table service but promise higher quality and better atmosphere than fast food restaurants. Defining Fast Casual Fast Casual Restaurant Franchise Industry Report defines […]