Farm-to-Table Cocktails

farm to table cocktails

With Memorial Day only a few days in the rearview mirror, summer has officially arrived and with summer comes fresh produce. With fresh produce comes the opportunity for farm-to-table cocktails. Across the hospitality industry, restaurants and pubs are seeing a push toward local sourcing. Patrons are more demanding to know what the ingredients are as […]

Bourbon Popularity Growth

Bourbon Popularity Growth

Something is always trending, and bourbon is enjoying a soaring popularity growth. And it’s not just any bourbon – it’s the very high-end ones. And it’s not just in America. Bourbon is enjoying global growth. In 2013, American distilled spirits broke export records, exceeding $1.5 billion, predominantly driven by premium bourbon and Tennessee whiskey, according […]

Mixing Beer and Gin

mixing beer and gin

Previously we looked at fat-washed spirits, and it seems the sky may be the limit in terms of interesting blends of alcohol and flavors. Consider mixing beer and gin. Beer hybrids that use grapes in the brewing process have gained a following (see Beer Wine Hybrids), so the idea of mixing beer with other spirits […]

Fat Washing Cocktails

fat washing cocktails

Move over Skinnygirl®cocktails… and make way for a trend seemingly at the opposite end of the spectrum. Fat washing cocktails is bursting on to the scene. The fat washing process involves adding a fat (bacon grease seems to be a favorite) to a spirit, letting it sit at room temperature for a few hours, then […]

Starbucks Expands to Sell Wine

Starbucks offers wine

How about choosing Chianti over a cappuccino? You’ll be able to do that in select locations as Starbucks expands to sell wine. It makes sense. The Great Recession led to a drop in both Starbucks store openings and net revenues in 2009 coupled with a -3 percent comparable store sales growth in 2008 and double […]

Pale Ale Primer

Pale Ale Primer

Earlier we discussed various beer styles, of which there are essentially two: lagers and ales. However, within the ales category, you’ll find pale ales, India pales ales (IPAs) of both the English and American variety, and double IPAs. Here’s a quick pale ale primer. Hops (Humulus lupulus) are the plant additive that provides the bitterness […]

Beer Styles

Beer styles

With the growth of craft beers, there are plenty of references to different styles of beer: lagers, ales, IPAs, porters, stouts. In fact, the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) lists 23 beer styles along with three mead styles and two cider styles. Lager Versus Ale To start with a basic look at beer styles, we […]

Vodka Tastings

vodka tastings

Wine tastings have been around seemingly forever, and craft beer tastings are very popular. Now vodka tastings are gaining in popularity as well. That should come as no surprise since Technomic, Inc. research indicates that vodka is the most popular liquor in the U.S. (cited in The Wall Street Journal’s “Vodka Distillers Give Tours, Tastings, […]

Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

Ready to Drink Cocktails

Whether or not bartenders mix drinks with flair, the end result has to be a great cocktail served right. Flair or not, ready-to-drink cocktails are gaining favor. Bartenders may choose to pre-mix extravagant drinks (see Best Cocktails for Mother’s Day for a few complicated recipes that can easily be pre-mixed) or simply mix the standards […]

Restaurant Promotions for Mother’s Day

Restaurant Promotions for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days for restaurant traffic (see also: Valentine’s Day), so you can drive sales in your establishment with some great promotions for Mother’s Day. Moms work hard, so treating them to a great restaurant experience can keep them coming back throughout the year. According to POS Sector’s “The 17 […]