A Few Crazy Beer Laws

Few Crazy Beer Laws

Forget about quota states and liquor control states: There are a few states with crazy beer laws. Depending on where you are, enjoying a cold one can be a challenge. Residents of states with unusual beer laws have come to accept the eccentricities, but visitors and tourists can be driven… well, crazy by them. Two […]

Liquor Control States

Liquor Control States

There are 17 states that continue to control liquor licenses through a quota system. There are also 17 states in which the state governments control the sale of hard alcohol, referred to as liquor “control states.” Of these states, there are five that fall on both lists: Idaho, Montana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Utah. The other […]

Economic Development Bill’s Impact on Liquor Licenses

Additional liquor licenses for Boston

Just prior to the close of the legislative session last week, Massachusetts lawmakers passed an economic development bill that provides Boston with additional liquor licenses. However, the impact on liquor licenses and current liquor license holders will not be as negative as feared with the threat of completely abolishing the quota system. The bill is […]

Millennials Spending on Alcohol

Millennials spending on alcohol

Catering to those between the ages of 21 and 35 can pay off. Millennials’ spending on alcohol in Massachusetts leads the nation. They rank second nationally in the amount they spend on coffee. While you might guess that Washington, famous for coffee, would rank first in that category, the neighbor to the north, Maine, ranked […]

Earlier Alcohol Sales on Sundays

Earlier Alcohol Sales on Sunday

Massachusetts has been changing some of its laws regarding alcohol sales, and the latest change includes earlier alcohol sales on Sundays. The latest bill will allow liquor stores to open at 10:00 a.m. rather than noon on Sundays. The bill (Bill H.228) is a straightforward change in language: “Paragraph 52 of section 6 of chapter […]

Direct Wine Shipments to Massachusetts

direct wine shipments

Both wine connoisseurs and those that enjoy an occasional glass can raise a toast together: Direct wine shipments to Massachusetts will be legal beginning Jan. 1, 2015. The new legislation (Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 138, § 19F) was included with the 2015 budget and expands the availability of Direct Shipper’s Permits. With its passage, the […]