Liquor License Renewals in Massachusetts

Liquor License Renewal in MA

Once you have cleared the challenge of obtaining a liquor license, you can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on running your establishment. However, there are also intricacies with liquor license renewals. In Massachusetts, both on-premises and off-premises (typically referred to as pouring and retail licenses, respectively) licenses must be renewed annually. Liquor licenses […]

New Liquor License Law Affects Utah

Utah Liquor License Law

A new law that went into effect on July 1st changes the way liquor licenses change hands in Utah. In a state with some of the strictest liquor laws in the country, liquor licenses can now be sold on the open market in Utah. This change directly contrasts proposals for liquor license quota elimination in […]

Different States Have a Multitude of Liquor License Types

Multitude of Liquor Licence Types

Whether you want to serve or sell alcohol in a state with a quota system or in a state without such a system, you’re going to need a liquor license. That’s not as easy as it sounds since every state has various types of liquor licenses. In the simplest form, we can break them into […]

Liquor License Lotteries Across the Country

Liquor License Lotteries

In states with liquor license quota systems, those quotas are based on population counts. When populations increase, mathematically more liquor licenses can be issued, and that is done with liquor license lotteries in some states. Many of the complaints regarding quota systems stem from the fact that the supply-and-demand economics that these systems create artificially […]

Navigating Liquor License Quotas

navigating the liquor license quotat system

Many would-be restaurateurs and pub owners, as well as national chains interested in expanding into new states or geographic regions, can find many roadblocks when navigating liquor license quotas in states that have them. Not the least of these roadblocks may be exorbitant prices due to supply and demand economics. We noted recently in “Rising […]

Rising Liquor License Prices

rising liquor license prices

With Independence Day looming, images of Philadelphia, home of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell abound. The city associated with American independence is also associated with rising liquor license prices. Pennsylvania is one of 17 states that use a liquor license quota system. Philadelphia has seen liquor licenses steadily increasing in value. Licenses that sold […]

Liquor License Quotas: Supply, Demand, and Value

Liquor License Supply and Demand

The concept of limiting liquor licenses with a quota system resulted from the repeal of Prohibition and governing bodies’ desire to continue exerting some control over the process. (For more on Prohibition, see “Understanding Alcohol Regulation” and “Alcohol Deregulation Problems.”) Currently, 17 states still issue liquor licenses based on a quota system. These states include […]

Liquor Licenses and Economic Development, Part 2

liquor license and economic development_Part2

Earlier this week, in reviewing the idea that liquor licenses automatically spur economic development, we reviewed some of the issues surrounding the special liquor licenses granted in Pennsylvania outside its quota system for economic development. Similar provisions are in place in Michigan. Redevelopment Liquor Licenses In 2006, in an effort to generate and promote commercial […]

Liquor Licenses and Economic Development, Part 1

liquor license and economic development_Part1

In the last few weeks, we’ve looked at the issue of overhauling the liquor license quota system in Massachusetts. Those who believe the quota system in Massachusetts should be abolished view liquor licenses and economic development as going hand in hand. (See “Lifting Liquor License Caps in Massachusetts.”) The same argument is being made in […]

Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipments

direct to consumer wine shipments

The Internet in general (and more specifically) has changed the way we shop: order online and get the shipment to your door. It’s not that easy with direct-to-consumer wine shipments, but Massachusetts may become the next state to allow it. In Massachusetts, the current law restricts larger out-of-state wineries (producing in excess of 30,000 […]