A Few Crazy Beer Laws

Few Crazy Beer Laws

Forget about quota states and liquor control states: There are a few states with crazy beer laws. Depending on where you are, enjoying a cold one can be a challenge. Residents of states with unusual beer laws have come to accept the eccentricities, but visitors and tourists can be driven… well, crazy by them. Two […]

Millennials Spending on Alcohol

Millennials spending on alcohol

Catering to those between the ages of 21 and 35 can pay off. Millennials’ spending on alcohol in Massachusetts leads the nation. They rank second nationally in the amount they spend on coffee. While you might guess that Washington, famous for coffee, would rank first in that category, the neighbor to the north, Maine, ranked […]

Decline in Light Beer Sales

Decline in Lt Beer Sales

If your bartender or wait staff begins to answer the question, “What’s on draft?” with “Bud Light, Coors Light…,” it may be time to change your taps. Light beer sales are declining. Shanken News Daily, a provider of exclusive news and research on the wine, spirits, and beer business, shared information from Impact Databank that […]

Exploding Wine Bottles

exploding wine bottles

Sparkling wines are supposed to pop, but recently there have been various problems with exploding wine bottles. In some cases, bottle explosions were caused by a faulty wine tool, and in others, the problems were caused by faulty bottles. CoravinTM Wine Tool Problems The CoravinTM system touts the ability to enjoy wine without having to […]

Lower-Alcohol Wines Trending

lower alcohol wines trending

Summertime drives lighter fares – think fresh produce and crisp wines. Now, lower-alcohol wines are trending as well. Lower-alcohol wines are more subtle than their bold, high-alcohol counterparts, but a more subtle flavor is only part of what’s driving the trend. Cost and Calories Cost and calories are two factors that are driving a push […]

Liquor License Debate Creates a Waiting Game

liquor license debate creates waiting game

The liquor license debate in Massachusetts as to whether or not the quota system should be overhauled and license issuance be completely controlled at the local level has created a waiting game. And that waiting game can quickly stifle economic growth and development – the very heart of the argument to eliminate the quota system. […]

Hot Beverage Trends According to Social Media

Hot Beverage Trends

Being trendy may help beat a path to your door, so let’s look at some of the hot beverage trends according to social media. Social media changed the marketing playing field. Consumers, that is your patrons, have a louder voice than ever before. (For a more in-depth look at successfully using social media, see our […]

Farm-to-Table Cocktails

farm to table cocktails

With Memorial Day only a few days in the rearview mirror, summer has officially arrived and with summer comes fresh produce. With fresh produce comes the opportunity for farm-to-table cocktails. Across the hospitality industry, restaurants and pubs are seeing a push toward local sourcing. Patrons are more demanding to know what the ingredients are as […]

Vodka Tastings

vodka tastings

Wine tastings have been around seemingly forever, and craft beer tastings are very popular. Now vodka tastings are gaining in popularity as well. That should come as no surprise since Technomic, Inc. research indicates that vodka is the most popular liquor in the U.S. (cited in The Wall Street Journal’s “Vodka Distillers Give Tours, Tastings, […]

Restaurant Promotions for Mother’s Day

Restaurant Promotions for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days for restaurant traffic (see also: Valentine’s Day), so you can drive sales in your establishment with some great promotions for Mother’s Day. Moms work hard, so treating them to a great restaurant experience can keep them coming back throughout the year. According to POS Sector’s “The 17 […]