Best Cocktails for Mother’s Day

Best Cocktails for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, so why not treat the moms who enjoy your restaurant or pub with some of the best cocktails for Mother’s Day? After all, with everything moms do, they deserve a special treat. Brunch is certainly popular on Mother’s Day, and the knee-jerk reaction regarding a complementary cocktail is […]

Tropical Wines

Tropical Wines

Earlier we reviewed some of the world’s great wine-tasting destinations, but what if the tropics are your destination of choice. Not to worry, tropical wines are gaining popularity. Grape production in tropical climates has changed from a “horticultural curiosity to grapevines becoming the most widely grown temperate fruit in the tropics,” according to International Society […]

Great Wine-Tasting Destinations

Great Wine Tasting Destinations

Enotourism – travel based on visiting vineyards and tasting wine – started about 40 years ago with Napa Valley’s marketing effort to bring visitors to the region, but there are other great wine-tasting destinations across the country and around the world. California Destinations Since Napa Valley defined enotourism in the mid-70s, it still leads many […]

Try Rye… in Your Beer

try rye in beer

The bold flavor of rye complements taste palettes that are trending in that direction. Earlier we looked at the rye whiskey comeback, but let’s not overlook the popularity of rye in beer. Rye beer substitutes malted rye for a portion of barley malt and dates back centuries. It started with Roggenbier (literally German for rye […]

Beer Popularity by State

Beer Popularity by State

There’s no denying the popularity of beer. In fact, watch any sporting event and be inundated with beer commercials. So let’s look at beer popularity by state. Craft beer sales are increasing and this segment of the brewing industry is shoring up beer’s overall market share. (See Craft Beer Growth for more information.) Whether it’s […]

Health Benefits of Wine and Beer

Health Benefits of Wine and Beer

The paradox between the French’s consumption of high fat foods and low rates of heart disease has been attributed to red wine. However, there are certain health benefits to wine and beer. The Harvard School of Public Health (Is Wine, Fine or Beer Better?) notes that studies have suggested that red wine consumed with a […]

Cocktail Trends to Increase Sales

Cocktail Trends to Increase sales

Despite the troublesome news of alcohol sales in restaurants and pubs declining and remaining challenging for 2014 (“Restaurant Alcohol Sales Decline”), capitalizing on some of the cocktails trends can help increase sales. We covered the boom of Irish whiskey (“Sales of Irish Whiskey Booming”) in depth; however, there is more on the horizon than simply […]

Unusual Wine-Producing Areas

unusual wine producing areas

When you think about wine, California and France probably populate the first and second place venues for wine production; however, there are plenty of unusual wine-producing areas that are delivering great bottles of wine. The basics of a good wine-producing region are water, sun, and soil. While California and France may be naturally blessed with […]

Dandelion Wine

Dandelion wine

With much of the country ready to bid farewell to a harsh winter and welcome spring, spring also means pesky dandelions. However, dandelion wine is growing in popularity and is starting to spring up in as many places as the ubiquitous yellow flower itself. Dandelion wine is fermented from the flowers, specifically the petals; however, […]

Beer Brackets

Beer Bracket

With the huge upsets in this year’s college basketball tournament, chances are your bracket’s busted. So why not focus on a beer bracket instead? Plenty of cities and breweries have created craft beer tasting tournaments with beer bracket lineups. Washington Post’s Beer Madness The Washington Post is sponsoring its eighth rendition of a beer tournament […]