Reducing Your Liquor License Liability

Liquor License Liability TrainingAs we covered earlier this week in “Liquor License Liability,” many states (including Massachusetts) require liquor license holders or those applying for a liquor license to carry liability insurance. This insurance provides a bit of a safety net, but it’s better to reduce your liability regarding selling and serving alcohol in the first place.

Think about the liability insurance you carry on your home or auto. It’s designed to protect you financially if someone sues you because they fell on your property or were injured in an accident with you behind the wheel. So does that mean you don’t need to maintain your property or that you can drive haphazardly without regard to the safety of others? Of course not.

Your liability coverage is designed to work in conjunction with safe practices to avoid injury or worse in the first place. Liability insurance is designed to cover the unforeseen not negligence. The same thing is true for your liquor license liability insurance. It’s there to protect you in the case of a suit brought due to circumstances that are unforeseen, not to protect you if you haven’t been abiding by the law.

Avoid Serving Alcohol to the Wrong People

One of the areas that is most challenging regarding your liquor license liability is serving minors or serving intoxicated patrons. Both are against the law; both can lead to difficult legal situations. Training is essential to avoid serving alcohol to the wrong people in the same way driver’s education is essential to be safe behind the wheel and avoid an accident in the first place.

Safe ID Check®, offered by J.B.S. Professional Services, L.L.C, is a comprehensive training program for the best practices for the safe sale of alcoholic beverages. It’s a certification program that is conducted at your establishment to meet your specific needs. It addresses the local and state laws that affect you in terms of liquor license liability and underage compliance checks.

In addition to in-depth training on how to spot fake IDs and ensure your patrons are of legal drinking age, the program also covers best practices in preventing the sale of alcoholic beverages to intoxicated patrons and best practices in refusing to sell to or serve those who are intoxicated.

This training is critical for everyone on your staff. When training is at your location, it’s easier to include everyone. Providing this training and receiving certification is a factor in lowering your liquor license liability insurance premiums.

Additionally, J.B.S. also provides private compliance checks for your staff and additional alcohol awareness seminars on topics that address your specific needs.

National Restaurant Association’s ServeSafe Alcohol® Training and Certification is another training option, but this program doesn’t offer the benefit of training at your location.

Regardless of the training program you select, training is a critical component in reducing your liquor license liability. As with property and car insurance, it’s far better to avoid the troublesome situation in the first place, and proper training can help you do that.